Little Squashlets

I have confessed before that I'm a terrible gardener. This year, even with the crazy weather, my garden is doing well. The hardware cloth cages seem to have fixed my rabbit problem, and the little plants are thriving. I even have a volunteer patch of butternut squash from feeding the chickens some left over seeds! Look at the size of these flowers!

(Yeah I know my girly little hands have really long nails. They just grow that way, even with all the farming chores I do. I'm a fortunate soul that way.)

I've been told to save my tea bags and put them around the plants to keep bugs from eating them. Has anyone else heard of this as a pest deterrent? I'll let you know how it works out!

I love the tiny little squashes that are growing. The yellow squashlets above are especially cute, but these baby butternut squash are similarly adorable. I'm excited for harvest! What's in your garden these days?