Canning Vegetable Soup

This soup is perfect for when you are feeling under the weather. Just pop it open and serve.

Soup is like handwriting - everyone makes theirs a little different. So feel free to make this your own.

In a quart jar, combine 2 cups mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, green beans, corn, celery, potato, and onion in mine) with 1/4 pound cooked ground beef, drained of fat. Pour in beef or pork broth to fill the remaining space in the jar. Pressure can for 90 minutes, at the appropriate pressure for your altitude (that's 10 pounds for me!).

When I open this soup, I like to open a pint jar of black beans and add it as well. I do not season my soup with salt etc. before canning. I like the flexibility canning without seasonings gives me - because I can always add salt, pepper, garlic, and any other spices to the soup when I heat it. However if you prefer you can add 1 teaspoon salt to each quart jar for flavoring. You can choose different vegetables, you can make it without the ground beef for a vegetarian soup, or make it with chicken, or add a tablespoon of beans to the jar -- feel free to get creative!