Coccidia Prevention for Goat Kids

Coccidia prevention is extremely important for goat kids.

Coccidia is a protozan parasite that kills many young animals. It affects kittens, puppies, calves, lambs, kids, chicks, rabbits, and more. Kids under 6 months of age are most susceptible to coccidia overload, which is also called Coccidiosis. Almost all adult goats will have some coccidia present in their system, but their stronger immune system keeps them from being affected.


Coccidia can present NO SYMPTOMS. Just because a kid isn't showing any sign of illness does not mean you're in the clear. A fecal test is the best way to determine if coccidia is present and if the load is too high. High loads may also cause diarrhea, kids may have a hunched or depressed appearance, may be listless and tired, or may be dehydrated. Severe cases of coccidiosis can kill in 24 hours. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.


Treatment of coccidiosis is done with one of 3 drugs. Marquis which is Ponazuril or Toltrazuril, Albon which is Sulfadimethoxine, or Corid which is Amprolium. I personally prefer Toltrazuril as it works very well, however it has a looooong withdrawal time so if you are raising meat goats or 4H goats, I recommend using Albon instead. Toltrazuril is not a legally recognized drug in the US and must be ordered online, it's cousin Ponazuril is legally recognized but very expensive.

Marquis dose: 1 cc per 5 pounds of body weight, dosed orally. One dose treatment. For prevention give every 21 days, at 3 6 9 & 12 weeks of age.

Albon dose: Varies by concentration. I use the 40% injectible solution, dose orally at 1cc per 15 pounds of body weight. Give 5 days in a row, giving a double dose on the first day. For prevention give every 21 days, at 3 6 9 & 12 weeks of age.

Corid dose: Corid is my least favorite of the treatment options, but it the most readily available since it is sold at TSC. Get a powder packet of Corid and mix 2/3 cup powder with a quart of water. Dose orally 6cc per 25 pounds of body weight, for 5 days in a row. I do not recommend using Corid for prevention. After treatment, give kids injections of B vitamins for 7 days, dose 1cc per 25 pounds of body weight. This will help the kids bounce back from the treatment and prevent polio from the Corid.

What about medicated feed?

Coccidia is typically a problem for southern goat keepers more than for northern goat keepers. Several medicated feeds are marketed for goat kids and advertised to prevent coccidiosis. I do not recommend using medicated feed for your kids because they are unlikely to eat enough of it to actually prevent coccidiosis, and many times it just creates resistant protozoa and makes it harder to treat your kids effectively. Stay away from medicated feeds.