Hearty White Chicken Chili

Hearty White Chicken Chili

This chili is our favorite on cold, dreary days. And it's easy to make using your canned goods!

I've showed you how to make and can your own broth, corn, and beans. To make this simple, comforting chili you will need:

2 qt canned beans

1 qt chicken broth

1 pint canned chicken

1 pint canned corn

1 packet dry ranch seasoning

4 oz cream cheese

Combine your beans, broth, chicken, and corn in a pot over medium heat. Add your dry ranch seasoning and mix well. When the chili is hot, add 4 oz cream cheese and stir until incorporated thoroughly. This is a quick meal that feeds four to six people. Reduce or double the recipe as needed.

**I know - chili doesn't have beans according to some folks. My chili has beans. And corn. If it makes you feel better to call it soup - do so. Just try it - it is a stick-to-your-ribs comfort food that will be a family favorite.